At the BEF, “Programs ‘R’ Us!”

What does an education foundation do?

Naturally, assisting students to succeed in Bayfield schools, providing support for staff and helping Bayfield students to enter and finish college or vocational school are at the heart of the mission.  But Bayfield Education Foundation board members know student success can mean a variety of things, from keeping safe to practicing kindness.

Board members especially look forward to receiving Program Enhancement Proposals from teachers and staff. These proposals seek funding for projects that enhance learning opportunities for many students—often for many years. 5th grade teacher Johnna Jacobsen’s recent request for the BEF to cover the cost of two hydroponic gardens is a great example. Since school budgets are challenged to meet basic needs these days, the Foundation is eager to help with ideas for making learning extra appealing.

Another goal important to the BEF is to support programs led by other organizations to relieve the “fundraising fatigue” that occurs in small, generous communities like Bayfield. That’s why the Foundation was pleased to join in the inaugural event of Pine River Arts and pay for dinner for the San Juan Symphony’s Youth Orchestra when they came to Bayfield in April.

Promoting kindness in local schools? Check! The BEF donated half the funds for the entire Bayfield High School student body to see the movie Wonder last fall and come away with new insight into the ways young people may struggle.

Helping create ways for kids to have fun and stay safe? Check! Along with many local businesses and individuals, the Foundation helped fund the After Prom party in this spring.

While stretching the budget to fund innovative projects and programs, the BEF continues its core mission to help students with their education—from BEEP support to summer school to the college “finish line.” The Foundation added two new scholarships this year; find out more here.

If these projects sound like ideas you can get behind, you can send in a donation here.