The BEF Board of Directors


Becky Smith, President

Sherman Beye, Treasurer

Barbara Wickman, Secretary

Dr. Rick Smith, Corporate Funding Chair

Susan Johnson, Member

Vera Ojdrovic-Beye, Member

Cathy Enns, Member

Amy Miglinas, Member (non-voting)

Our Story

The Bayfield Education Foundation was established in 2015.  Since then, the group has supported, enhanced and advanced the learning environment of the Bayfield School District.  This powerhouse group of dedicated volunteers has:

  • Created six scholarships that assist Bayfield High School graduates and BHS post graduates,
  • Established a funding source for teachers who provide after school learning programs for students and their families,
  • Developed a process to match funds earned by clubs and teams to reduce the fundraising fatigue that often occurs in small communities,
  • Established an endowment fund to secure resources to support the school district in the years to come, and
  • Aligned itself with Arts Shine, the local cultural arts cooperative that brings music and arts programs to local schools.